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Welcome to U.P.M. Kunststoffen

At U.P.M. Kunststoffen, we supply self-produced PTFE micro-powders, also known as lubricants. These are manufactured from PTFE scrap material in the form of chips and hardstock. By means of a sophisticated process, a new product is made from valuable materials that otherwise were disposed of.

About U.P.M. Kunststoffen

The production of our PTFE micro-powders consists of a dynamic and flexible approach so we can deliver products of the highest quality. With nearly 45 years of experience, we have become a reputable company in the PTFE market.

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U.P.M. was founded in the early 80’s by Ed van Gilst. Since then, we have expanded our sales both domestically and internationally. In 2003, Robert, Ed van Gilst’s son, took over and oversaw significant growth. In the following years, we accomplished a boost in personnel, markets and sales. In 2020, the compounding activities of U.P.M. Kunststoffen were consolidated in a separate entity; U.P.M. Compounds. From that date on, our main focus is on the production of lubricants.

Check our other website for more information about U.P.M Compounds:

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The team behind U.P.M.

Our team works together seamlessly. The business development division has extensive application knowledge, while our laboratory has access to a large database of product results and properties. The production team is dedicated to ensuring optimal quality and efficiency. This collaboration encourages innovation and product improvement, crucial for developing new products based on customer requirements.

Looking towards the future:

As numerous cutting-edge technologies are on the rise, we remain committed to enhancing our products. The future looks promising and we are eager to drive innovation not only in our products, but also in our company as a whole. Moreover, in the future we strive for preserving craftsmanship in the niche of micro-powder production. If you are interested in learning on-the-job and working on various dynamic and flexible projects, we would love to hear from you.

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U.P.M. Kunststoffen is a subsidiary of Simulpars which consists of a cluster of production entities primarily engaged in the polymer industry. Within this group of autonomous companies, U.P.M. can be categorized as a raw material manufacturer.

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