U.P.M. Kunststoffen is a medium-sized company which started in 1980. Nowadays we are an ISO 9001 certificated company with customers all over the world. Our main market is Europe but we also supply to Asia and other continents.

U.P.M. Kunststoffen B.V. has two main departments:
PTFE compounds and regenerated PTFE.

Most of the regenerated PTFE is used for PTFE lubricants. We mainly produce on customers demand, fully tailor made compounds. With our large diversity of products we are able to reach all kind of specifications. U.P.M.s production capacity still grows as a result of that new production department has to be finished in 2007.

Our team has a pleasant co-operation between all divisions. The sales division has a huge general application knowledge. In our laboratory we build up a large historical properties database of products made by U.P.M. which is of great value by developing new products. Our production department has many practical experience and is always looking for new better production methods to improve our products and production capacity.

Our products and knowledge are so diverse that were not able to give you all our information on this website. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

U.P.M. Kunststoffen B.V. Products

Teflon polytetrafluoroethylene
of fluorinated ethylene